We are excited to provide all of our lessons ONLINE! SIGN UP TODAY, before time runs out!

Summer lessons will begin TUESDAY, June 2nd and continue through the last Tuesday in July. 

Adult Only Sip-n-Strum Ukulele, where we will meet weekly to learn fun songs together while sipping a fun beverage. 

Kids Campfire Ukulele will include time for tweens and teens to learn fun, campfire & popular songs to share.  Private piano students will hone their skills to work on pieces that they've always wanted to master.

Summer lessons include 9 lessons (1 free). Group classes are $80/month & private lessons are $110.00/ month. There is NO REGISTRATION fee for any summer lessons! It's super easy to get started and super easy to learn. Aren't you worth it?

To get started with lessons, visit our teacher biotuition page, and SIGN UP! Annual registration for the rest of the school year & summer is completely free! 

"A good teacher teaches you. A GREAT teacher inspires you to learn." Georgia Joice

Why choose lessons with my studio? My thirteen years of experience (and being a parent) has given me the wisdom that comes from teaching many different styles of learners and personalities. I customize lesson plans to fit each student's learning needs as much as possible and patiently listen to the student's concerns and advise on any struggles. Big music struggles can always be broken down to bits of small hurdles that CAN be done! I have had many long-term students - for up to 8 years and thoroughly enjoy the relationships that are cultivated. Please see my Testimonials page for my reviews.

What will you learn? As a base,  students are taught to read music, play or sing with correct technique, learn chords to get playing quickly, and sharpen their ear-training. Lessons provide feedback, accountability, and weekly, monthly and yearly goals. A book or video will not be able to do those things and can result in more time spent undoing bad habits.

What can you expect from doing business with me? I strive very hard to communicate thoroughly and effectively with my students and parents. I also encourage families/students to communicate with me honestly and quickly about any concerns they may have. Lessons should always be challenging and motivating! I have spent years creating my studio policy and STRICTLY enforce it. This spine of my business really helps clients know what to expect! I also invest a lot of time on professional education and staying abreast of new teaching and business strategies.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via email or 713.581.9150.

*Note: My studio is currently located in Spring,Texas or Klein, Tx, around area of Cypresswood & TC Jester.

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