Google Reviews & Testimonials

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Piano Recommendations:

"I highly recommend Georgia Joice as a piano teacher. She is talented and personable. She is able to customize sessions based on the needs and skills of each piano student. She does a great job at encouraging, motivating and exploring the unique interests of each student independently while improving their piano skills, talent and confidence."

"We have seen Miranda's musical interest, knowledge and passion continually grow since meeting and studying under Mrs. Georgia. Our daughter, 10 years old, had some formal training before coming to the studio two years ago, but the way in which Mrs. Georgia warmly connected to her seemed to be the key to unlocking her excitement about practicing and playing the piano. Our family would recommend her as an instructor to children and adults of any age."

""Georgia is an effective piano teacher for children, as she considers the whole child - not just their piano skills. She takes the time to learn the personality of my child to understand what motivates her and how much to push her. I also appreciate how Georgia not only applies proven teaching techniques, but also stays abreast of the latest research in teaching music and child development. Over a short period of time, my child has bonded with Georgia and looks forward to her piano lessons every week."

Some other feedback regarding Summer group music lessons:

"Thank you for offering this class. Both boys replied, when asked if they had fun, with a resounding and unwavering "yes!" I am very pleased that they both verbally identified how to find C on the keyboard, which is something I have not yet taught them. Thank you!"

"Both Elizabeth and Dominic are more than excited to come back next week! They were eager to show me what they had learned and screamed out the answers energetically when I quizzed them. Thank you so much for offering this class and inspiring little musicians."
"Hannah had a great time! She showed me the notes on the piano that she learned and she said she loved it so much that she is gonna keep going until she is 15!!! lol"

"Laila truly enjoyed her first class. She said it was "FUn,FUn,FUn!" and she really liked playing music bingo. Cannot wait to see what next week brings."


Robotics Recommendations:

"Thank you again for hosting the robotics camp. My boys really enjoyed it. They have talked about it this past week to family and friends while we have been on vacation. I liked that it was a short introductory for them into the world of robotics and a taste of competition while having to work together with their partners.  My younger one learned to follow building instructions and learn simple machines while my older one was able to think and build unique designs for his robot. I can't think of much upon improvements. My boys did want one more day so they could play the game more times; especially, to problem solve if they needed to improve their robot build for the board to do another run.Thanks again."

"My boys loved this camp! So much hands-on learning, and the challenge at the end was such a fun aspect of the program. I highly recommend it!"

"This was my son’s very first try at Robotics! He loved it and I’m so happy he had a very good experience with Mrs. Georgia and her sweet kiddos! He is excited to find a group to do this more often! And we are planning on buying his a robotics kit for his birthday! I can’t say more about how much fun he had learning!! I definitely would do this again! Thank you so much Georgia!!"

"Georgia Joice is a great teacher who is very patient with her students. She is very thorough on her expectations from students as well as parents. My children have taken classes from her and have always enjoyed the classes and her as a teacher."

"Thank you so much for all this great information and a great camp! Jeffrey really enjoyed it and is wanting to continue learning all about robotics, so I'll be looking further into the curriculum that you linked!The only negative aspect of the camp was navigating it all with a 2 year old in tow, but that has nothing to do with your side :)"